Thursday, August 6, 2009


I was reading about how much of the city of Bristol was saved by erecting a 2/3rds scale decoy farther down the river.  A bit more research on Military Decoys brought me to this brilliant site.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Roads that Cross the Beltway

I had begun to list the roads that I knew that crossed the Washington, DC Beltway without an interchange.  I thought there were maybe ten to twelve.  There are 39.  I spent the fifteen minutes that the computer was rendering a video, looking at Google Maps and counting them.

These are great ways to avoid rush-hour traffic and get out of town without fighting to get past the Beltway.  So, for the edification of the public, here they are from the "12 O'Clock position"(coincidentally the Montgomery/PG county line) running clockwise:

1) Riggs Rd.
2) Cherry Hill Rd.
3) Rhode Island Ave.
4) Cherrywood Ln.
5) Greenbelt Rd.
6) Good Luck Rd.
7) MLK Hghwy.
8) Ardwick Ardmore Rd.
9) Glenarden Pkwy.
10) Arena Dr.
11) Darcy Rd.
12) Suitland Pkwy.
13) Suitland Rd/Forestville Rd. (partial exit)
14) Auth Rd.
15) Temple Hills Rd.
16) Livingston Rd.
17) Oxon Hill Farm Rd. (Dead End)

18) GW Pkwy. (partial exit)
19) Fleet Dr./McGuin Rd.
20) Backlick Rd.
21) Heming Ave.
22) Lee Hghwy.
23) Idlywood Rd.
24) Oak St.
25) Lewinsville Rd.
26) Old Dominion Dr.
27) Live Oak Dr. (Dead End)

28) MacArthur Blvd.
29) Persimmon Tree Rd.
30) Bradly Blvd.
31) Greentree Rd. (Dead End)
32) Frenwood Rd.
33) Cedar Ln.
34) Kensington Pkwy.
35) Jones Mill Rd/Beach Dr.
36) Linden Ln.
37) Seminary Rd.
38) Sligo Creek Pkwy.
39) Burnett Ave.